DTY-ARM0031 Dusty Motors Arrma Senton Protection Cover (Black)


The Dusty Motors Arrma Senton 6S Protection Cover is a high quality, hand made, dust and water splash proof shroud, designed specifically for the Senton. The shroud features a zipper access opening, helping to simplify connecting/disconnecting batteries and turning the car on/off, and eliminating the need to remove the shroud every time you need access. The shroud is made from high quality, breathable material that is strong, durable and efficient. The open area of the material is more than 50% of total shroud surface, so it allows excellent airflow to keep the model electronics cool, while preventing debris, moisture and other contaminants from getting in the chassis.

Also fits Kraton 4S

NOTE: During extended running sessions, it is recommended that during breaks the shroud is unzipped to allow the ESC and motor to cool quicker.